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Nestled in the heart of Portland, we at Barber-Q pride ourselves in having a fantastic team of barbers that offers excellent, affordable treatments and unbeatable customer service. We don't want to boast, but our clients have told us time, and again there's no better place to get a high-quality beard trim and men's haircut than our fantastic establishment. We have been a mainstay for those who value top-notch men's haircuts at affordable prices since we first opened our doors, and we aren't stopping any time soon. We can handle your fades, neck trims, and more, leaving you feeling incredible each time you visit. 

At Barber-Q, we know the proper treatment can make you look—and feel—like a million dollars. We are committed to only using top-of-the-line products for added luxury. Take time to pamper yourself; stop by today for your next appointment, or book one with us now by clicking the button below. Trust us, and your hair will thank you. 

Barber Grooming
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